About the Albert Hall team

We are proud of the fact that we have a very low staff turnover. An example is 2 of the team have been at Albert Hall for 22 years, another 16 years, and 10 years, we know this works well in the development of our community at Albert Hall Preschool. Our consistent staffing provides a seamless transition as children move through the centre from babies up to the school readiness stage. 

Educators and children form close bonds over their time together providing children with a sense of security.

Albert Hall Educator Philosophy

Our educators believe strongly that the formative years are crucial to a child’s education. 

We believe in a holistic approach where educators work alongside each other, as well as children and their families, to create an inclusive environment.  We encourage our children to immerse themselves in the rich and varied culture of our community, providing an environment for exploration and gaining an understanding of their world.

We are dedicated to ensuring we embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history into the learning environment.

Our strengths lie in our ability to connect and guide children as they reach new developmental stages and navigate their world.

We believe in taking the time to challenge the children’s thinking, allowing the time to create new understandings, which in turn will advance each child’s development.  We support children in their creative expression as they begin to think critically about the world and strengthen their communication skills, sense of wellbeing and cognitive skills.

We believe in supporting our children in their journey to school through encouraging a range of skills including emotional regulation, social skills and higher order reasoning and thinking.

Our educators engage in ongoing professional development and reflective practice to ensure high quality outcomes for our children and their families.

What the parents say...